Association for Police Officers


The Association for Police Officers is an organization that promotes officer safety through superior training. It is our goal to offer Law Enforcement Officers training, which their employer may not.


The Association for Police Officers Inc. has been incorporated as a not-for-profit 501 (c) 3 organization in June of 2006. The Association for Police Officers Inc. was derived from a concept of The Association of New York Police Officers Inc. which had been incorporated in May 2004. We quickly learned that Law Enforcement Officers across the country were in need of services such as we had supplied for New York. So after quickly out growing the narrow mission statement we reincorporated as a national corporation.

As of December 2006 we will be raising funds and offering our assistance in New York, Connecticut, New Jersey, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, New Hampshire and Pennsylvania with the rest of the country as our goal.


Upon Board Approval of a properly submitted request form; we may:

  • Approve donations for memorials for police officers killed or injured in the line of duty.
  • Approve a donation for Youth organizations
  • Approve a donation to a Law Enforcement Organization so that they may obtain training related equipment.
  • Pay for registration costs
  • Pay your mileage at .585 cents a mile (as derived from the shortest route by Map Quest) to and from.
  • Pay for air transportation (as set up by the Association’s guide lines)
  • Pay for your hotel.
  • Pay you $50.00 a day for meals (while away from home).

We will not:

  • Pay tolls or gas.
  • Pay for hotel room service charges (i.e. movies, room service ect..)
  • Pay for tips.
  • Pay your salary, or help you obtain the time off from work.
  • Be responsible for your person or property.
  • Pay for equipment.

Under no circumstances shall Association for Police Officers, Inc. be liable for any damages, including incidental, special, consequential, exemplary, multiple or other indirect damages or for lost profits or loss of use damages that result from involvement in training courses offered or use of equipment provided through this web site. You agree to indemnify and hold harmless the Association for Police Officers, Inc., its directors, officers, employees and agents from and against all liabilities, claims, damages and expenses, including attorneys' fees, arising out of your use of the services and items provided through this website.


The Association for Police Officers Inc. has no employees, pays no salaries to any Board members. All work by the Board is voluntary. We are centrally located in Carmel New York.


Funds are obtained through generous public support and by telemarketing, donations may be Tax deductible (see applicable laws for 501 ( c ) 3 organizations.)


For more information contact us:
Phone: 845-629-3044


Frank Colello, President,

Anthony Colello, Vice President,

Tom LoSavio, Secretary,

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