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The mission of The Association for Police Officers is to help provide quality educational opportunities to law enforcement officers in the hopes of enhancing their professionalism while also improving public safety. It is our goal to offer law enforcement officers training, which their employers may not provide.

At the Association for Police Officers, we have found it extremely important to support our youth that have an interest in law enforcement.

The Association for Police Officers upon request will make donations to the family of Officers who have made the ultimate sacrifice. Those who have lost their lives in the line of duty should never be forgotten, their sacrifice is will not go unnoticed by the Association for Police Officers.


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AFPO has placed officers in programs in a variety of educational areas and specialties, though we are not limited to these areas and are happy to hear about the specific interest of officers interested in our offerings

Policetraining.net, the calendar for law enforcement training, is dedicated to providing the most complete listing of law enforcement classes and seminars available. They provide timely and accurate information about police seminars, conferences, continuing education and training events, utilizing the power of the Internet to reach a large audience of law enforcement professionals seeking training.


Gang Prevention Incorporated provides superior quality training, consulting services and expert testimony to the law enforcement, military, corrections, probation, parole, prosecution, judicial and educational entities in the areas of street gang awareness, activity and identification as well as all aspects of lethal and non-lethal force applications. Training is selectively provided to the private sector particularly in the areas of security and threat assessment and management.

Security Solutions International Inc. is a global company that provides countries with the most updated information, products and training to confront the world-wide threat of terrorism. SSI tm has trained and provided products to more than 1000 agencies around the World in Homeland Security, Emergency Management, Emergency Medicine, and specialized equipment training for the world’s premiere manufacturers.

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In our mission is to help provide quality educational opportunities to New York law enforcement officers we focus on three areas of training and support in order to enhance their professionalism while also improving public safety.


For law enforcement officers who would like to gain education and acquire certification in fields that would benefit their community and police department.

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Programs for minors that are planning a career in law enforcement.

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Monetary assistance for family of officers who died in the line of duty (available upon request and availability of funds).

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